AD&D to Fuzion Conversion

While a lot of the task of converting characters between game systems can be art, it is often helpful to have a few guidelines to refer to in order to make the conversions more consistent. The following are conversions I use to get the 10 base characteristics for my implentation of Fantasy Fuzion.

One note about AD&D wizard and priest magic. I have found that it is fairly portable to say that if a character can cast X level spells in AD&D, then he can cast the same MAGE level spells in Atomik Magick. Thus, a wizard capable of casting 7th-level spells gains MAGE 7 when converted, along with all the derived Mage stats that go with it.

Presence is a characteristic which is rather fluid, a catch all which can represent looks, noteriety, and aura of an individual. In AD&D you may wish to move it up or down based on Charisma and Level. Personally, I try to keep in mind the relative Charisma of a character and use it as a modifier to the formula below.

Reflex is a characteristic that most closely aligns with THAC0 in AD&D, so I have written a generic system to express the typical relationship. Obviously, a high Reflex is of most use to a Warrior.

When converting natural weapons, use the following chart to find the relavent Fuzion Damage Class (DC)

Dice DC
1d2 to 1d3 1
1d4 2
1d6 3
1d8 4
1d10 5
1d12 6
Adding the DC up for multiple dice damage will give you the Fuzion amount.

To convert the natural armor class (or even regular AD&D armors) use the following formula:
Total Kill Defense = (8 - AC) x 2

Without further ado, the tables:

Fuzion Characteristic AD&D stat calulation Notes
INTelligence (INT + 2) / 3
WILLpower (WIS + 2) / 3
PREsence 2 + (HD or Levels) / 3 Adjust this up or down depending on the ferocity of the individual.
TECHnique [(INT + 2) + (DEX + 2)] / 6
REFlex Fighter: 2 + HD When writing up fighting skills,
Priest: 2 + (HD / 2) be sure to add in specializing,
Rogue: 2 + (HD / 3) strength, and dex bonuses on a
Mage: 2 + (HD / 4) one for one basis.
DEXterity DEX / 3
CONstitution (CON + 2) / 3 Fighters add 1 pt per 8 levels
STRength (STR + 2) / 3
BODY 1 + (Total hit points) / 10 Use a minimum of 2 body in most cases, a 1 body for small critters
MOVE Move / 3

In creating monsters one will note that often, AD&D monsters have multiple attacks. This can be simulated by bumping up their SPD derived characteristic or adding AutoFire to their hand to hand attacks, if it seems appropriate. Also, note that is it possible to have monsters with very high Reflexes. Feel free to move excess Reflex points into a generic fighting skill to reflect their high probability of hitting their target if it makes you more comfortable. Obviously, if a high Reflex would nudge the speed up high enough to the point where the monster would get multiple attacks per round (more than is specified in the AD&D write-up) then you need to take the excess points out and place them into a skill.
Monsters/Undetailed NPCs









MIND INT (INT + 2) / 3
PRE 2 + (HD or Levels) / 3 Modify as described above
COMBAT TECH [(INT + 2 ) / 3] + (DC / 2) Look up and/or calculate the DC in the topmost table on this page.
REF 2 + HD Modify if monster's strength is excessive
DEX (10 + HD) / 3
PHYSICAL CON [(Max possible hp) / 10] + 2
STR DC Look up and/or calculate the DC in the topmost table on this page.
BODY [(Max possible hp) / 10] + 2
MOVEMENT MOVE (Best Movement) / 3

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