Campaign Events

551 MR, Winter.

The White Witch's troops attacked and captured Bjorlangen. Refugee families begin trying to leave.

551 MR, Spring.

Adventurers from Lemnjohen mount a successful rescue operation into Bjorlangen. An entire family is saved, and White Witch patrols are badly damaged by the determined band. The adventurers escape the bulk of the White Witch's troops by moving south to Midjarna.

Strange, unnatural creatures begin attacking shepherds in the central Downs and dragging victim off. The Adventurers investigate and manage to eliminate a few of the creatures. They discover the red creatures are dragging bodies away, not completely devoured.

The Adventurers journeyed back to Bjorlangen in hopes of inspiring the remaining Rjurik to fight the White Witch's mercenaries. 30 prisoners are freed and the central portion of the mercenary army is disrupted during a dramatic rescue by the Adventurers.

551 MR, Summer.

New mercenary units are summoned by the White Witch and sent toward the Old Fort of Lemnjohen. The Adventurers hasten to the Fort and assist in the battle with a surprise charge to the rear of the attacking mercenaries.

The Adventurers uncover hidden menace under the Old Fort. Many werewolves are found and slain. On Hero is apparently infected with the dread disease of Lycanthropy and leaves to find his peace in the mountains. The Heros can not believe their friend may one day become a werewolf...

Dagmar Druesbane leaves to get help from Dhoesone allies.

551 MR, Fall.

Dagmar returns with a couple units and joins the infantry defending the Old Fort. Together with the Adventurers, they move to offensive and attack mercenary units in Bjorlangen.

Bjorlangen is freed, a great deal of loot the mercenaries had stolen is redistributed. Adventures are now respected as heros across the Watch-led Downs.

The Adventurers have another run in creatures they now know as Red Gatherers. The Red Gatherers were moving into Midjarna province for their "collection" runs, and the Adventurers are faced with stopping them. After a protracted chase, the Adventurers manage to uncover the lair of a Lich! Fortunately, the Lich decides to leave after giving them a little "gift"...

Annekke Sturmdotter invests Sunrise Hjalsone and the Adventurers with control of Bjorlangen province as a reward for their heroism.

552 MR, Winter.

After some months familiarizing themselves with the province and new holdings (and spending 4000+ gold!), the Adventurers spend a bit of time training.

(now)Lady Sunrise become engaged to the Wizard Regent Daeric Dhoesone.

552 MR, Spring.

The Heros discover a hidden valley filled with primitive goblins. After befriending them, they discover something unusual about the "Pillar Gods" the goblins worship...

552 MR, Summer.

The Queen personally and with her body guard and one unit of the Watch engaged two units of goblins and one unit of orogs cut off from Ghuralli's command. The Queen's losses were essentially non-existant, while 300 goblins and 67 Orogs were slain, the Orog Captain slain personally by Sunrise (this successful single combat inspired her bodyguard so much, they were able to wipe out all the Orogs. The Knight Captain & Commander of the Watch inspired his troops by killing his foe in a single blow. The Queen's troops numbered 75 Watchmen and 26 mounted bodyguard plus the Knight Captain, a Priest to Moradin, a Priest of Cuireacen, a Brecht ranger, Captain of the Royal Guard and the Queen herself. Total numbers: 367 to 107. Major factors determining the result of the battle: the Queen's troops had high mobility and skill which matched or exceeded the opponents, plus acts of heroism on the part of the Queen and her top people.

The group engaged a group of 6 Red Gatherers and 3 Red Warriors and lost. With the help of the 70 shapeshifters, they were able to escape and prevent the capture of any of the shapeshifters. Some of the group has realized the implications of what could happen if that lich got a hold of shapeshifters and applied that ability to his "creations". Plus, they *REALLY* dislike the Red Warriors. 4 Red Gatherers were dispatched.

552 MR, Fall.

Anneke Sturmsdotter has died.  Sunrise Hjalsone, heir to the Kingdom of the Giantdowns received all lands under Anneke and now controls 5 provinces of the Giant Downs.  Sunrise (because of continued use of the term by her friends and the people of the Giant Downs) assumes the title of Queen of the Giant Downs. 

Sunrise raises a new friend, Sir Aneiren of Tuornen and paladin of Haelyn, to Knight Captain and Commander of the Watch.  Other titles now in place: 

A new temple to Haelyn-Cuireacen-Moradin has been erected in Bjorlangen at the suggestion of the Queen.  This new temple has a joint 3-way leadership.

3 young dragons, whose eggs were recovered by the adventurers, are growing rapidly. Their power at such a young age has startled a few of the adventurers, and worried the Queen. For now they are dependent upon the Queen's resources, but are growing rapidly. Too rapidly. The Queen and the adventurer's have already drawn up an alliance with them.   Adelaide, a Brecht ranger, appears to have befriended them and spent a great deal of time with them.

Zhakur Lifesbane, dragon of the Five Peaks has blasted his way through the land. There's a lot of concern he may try to exact vengeance upon the adventurers for renigging on their "deal" with him. The adventurers are hoping he'll go away, apparently. Anyway, most of them are heading for Anuire on another adventure.

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