The following rules are an expanded, edited and modified subset of rules created and copyrighted by Sean Patrick Fannon.  Modifications by Dustin Evermore for integration into a Birthright campaign.  Not for publication in any medium, except for personal use.

Martial Arts - A Campaign Plug-In

Although many Game Masters may not wish to deal with the added complexities that Martial Arts can create in game play, they do add a certain level of "spice" that many Players enjoy.

The following are the Martial Arts that can be purchased (with Option Points) for characters. Each listing is a "package," and the cost (listed in < >) purchases all of the abilities described in the package. The GM must approve all Martial Arts purchases.

A very artistic and formalized form of swordplay that is popular in Brechtur. Unlike most martial arts, this one requires the use of Weapons (Small Blades) and cannot be used in Hand to Hand (non-Melee) combat.

Another weapons-based set of forms, although much more "direct" and "brutal" than the graceful Fencing of the Camoners. In truth, there are literally dozens of variants on this set of maneuvers, but the end result is much the same in each case (this art is very much like "The Forms" of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and is inspired by a style created by Aaron Allston for Hero System). Like Fencing, this form requires the use of Weapons (choose one group: Axes, Clubs, Flails, Great Axes, Great Clubs, Great Hammers/Maces, Great Swords, Hammers/Maces, Pole Arms, Spears, or Swords) and cannot be used in Hand to Hand (non-Melee) combat.

Note - If the GM allows it, the Player may purchase additional weapon groups for Master Melee at the cost of one group per 2 points.

This "martial art" represents less a structured set of forms than it does either years of pub-crawling experience or a natural gift for pummeling people (and not getting too pummeled in return).


Basic Combat Maneuvers

Maneuvers listed in Italics are considered OPTIONAL and should only be used by experienced Game Masters or where the effect of the maneuver won't be considered unbalancing.

Note - No maneuver may cause an attack to do more than double its normal damage. Any weapon pushed to this limit must have a 3d6 roll made (-1 for every 6 rolled on the damage roll), target 12. If the target is met, the weapon remains unbroken.

Range Modifiers

Melee 0-2m 0-2m -0
Very Close 3-6m 3-6m -1
Close 7-10m 7-10m -2
Medium 11-20m 11-50m -4
Long 21-50m 51-100m -6
Extreme 51+m 101+m -8

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