The following rules are an expanded, edited and modified subset of rules created and copyrighted by Sean Patrick Fannon.  Modifications by Dustin Evermore for integration into a Birthright campaign.  Not for publication in any medium, except for personal use.


Talents have many functions in the campaign. Some are like minor powers, while others are more or less "skill enhancers," representing certain "knacks" a character may have. Some have "skill-like" functions; as such, they will likely have a Characteristic associated with them for when rolls are needed. All Talents have a cost of 3 unless otherwise noted (expressed in <> ). In some cases (marked with a +), it may be possible to purchase a Talent multiple times (GM's approval).


Perks represent external resources or levels of influence that a character has. This is highly subject to role-playing and storytelling constraints, as well as the GM's goodwill.

These Perks are affected by their Frequency of effect. If a Perk has a Rare impact (once every four sessions at best), the Cost is 1/2 (round up). If it has an Infrequent impact (once every two or three sessions), apply no modifier. If the Perk has Frequent impact (once every session), the Cost is half again (x1 1/2) as much (round up).

Derived Characteristic Enhancements (DCEs)

With this "plug-in," it is possible for Players to purchase enhancements to their Derived Characteristics (not something that can normally be done in FUZION). This will allow characters to be even more diverse and detailed without escalating the Primary Characteristics.
Each DCE costs 3 Option Points. The number of + next to the individual entry indicates how many times a Character should be allowed to purchase the Enhancement.

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