Skill List

Acrobatics (DEX)
Acting (PRE)
Administration (INT)
Alchemy (INT)
Animal Handler (PRE)
Archery (REF)
Artisan Skills (TECH)
Artist (TECH)
Athletics (DEX)
Axes (REF)
Bind Wounds (TECH)
Clubs (REF)
Concealment (INT)
Concentration (WILL)
Contortionist (DEX)
Courtier (PRE)
Crossbows (REF)
Cryptography (INT)
Dance (DEX)
Demonology (INT)
Diplomacy (WILL)
Disguise (TECH)
Expert (INT)
Flails (REF)
Fletching (TECH)
Forgery (TECH)
Gambling (INT)
General Knowledge (INT)
Great Axes (REF)
Great Clubs (REF)
Great Hammers/Maces (REF)
Great Swords (REF)
Hammers/Maces (REF)
Hand to Hand (REF)
History (INT)
Horsemanship (REF)
Interaction (PRE)
Interrogation (PRE)
Intrigue (INT)
Intuition (PRE)
Inventor (INT)
Investigation (INT)
Lances (REF)
Law (INT)
Leadership (PRE)
Lip Reading (INT)
Local Expert (INT)
Lockpicking (TECH)
Lore (INT)
Meditation (WILL)
Melee Evade (DEX)
Merchant Skills (PRE)
Mimicry (INT)
Noble Lore (Heraldry) (INT)
Perception (INT)
Pole Arms (REF)
Politics (INT)
Profession (TECH)
Ranged Evade (DEX)
Ranger (TECH)
Relicology (INT)
Research (INT)
Sailing (TECH)
Seige Weapons (TECH)
Seigecraft (INT)
Sleight of Hand (REF)
Slings (REF)
Small Blades (REF)
Smithing (Tech)
Spears (REF)
Staves (REF)
Stealth (DEX)
Strategy (INT)
Streetwise (PRE)
Strength Feats (STR)
Swords (REF)
Tactics (INT)
Teaching (PRE)
Thaumaturgy (INT)
Throwing (REF)
Ventriloquiest (TECH)
Wagon Driving (REF)
Whips (REF)
Wilderness Lore (INT)

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