Playing in the CyberShards PBeM Game


Once your character has been accepted, send at least a brief email describing his or her basic strategies in combat. This will give the GM an idea how your character will react under pressure, should you be unable or unavailable to respond in a Turn. Simply answer these three basic questions:

Combat in the CyberShards PBeM game is meant to be fast and furious, and in most cases should be concluded inside a Turn. Sending me this information in advance can go a long way to keep the game moving.


Turns will occur at least once per week with a posting to this web site as well as the CyberShards PBeM list. Responses and questions can be planned during the week and sent via email and the CyberShards list. Final responses should be remitted to the GM by midnight Friday. The GM will assemble the result and post the new turn Sunday afternoon. There may also be an opportunity for a once per week optional interaction on IRC should enough players wish it.

In cases where everyone has responded and written their actions to the GM, the Turn may be finalized more often.

The GM will handle all dice rolling for expediency. Should your character have a poor roll, the GM will contact you to ask if you wish to spend Luck to reroll the dice, if it's an important action. Alternatively, if you know a roll is coming up, you can tell the GM to spend Luck on a roll in advance.

The style of this game will be descriptive. The more 'story-like' your submission the more interesting our mutual story becomes! The more you contribute, the more XPs I am likely to award. You set your own pace.


This is allowed and perfectly fine, so long as the Players understand that unless the GM sees it, nothing happens. Just CC me and I'll be happy. :) It should also be done in character, if possible.


There will be times when the GM will send you things only your character knows or notices and this will be sent via private email. Private interactions between GM and Player can and will occur. Conspiracy is everywhere! Expect them.