Ed's Story
By Martin Von Cannon ©2001

PC43 had just processed the adjustment that was received from the computer. His brain stored relevant information for later use, while his neuro-system made the physical adjustments that were needed. Then without warning the signal came.

PC43 awoke and moved as he had been trained. Gathering his equipment that was provided for him, he moved to the corridor. There were 4 other people waiting. They looked around silently. There was no leader present. Then a klaxon when off. "THE PCS HAVE AWOKEN WITHOUT PROVOCATION! THE PCS HAVE AWOKEN WITHOUT PROVOCATION!" This message came over the loudspeakers. Each person knew they were PCs. They even knew their numbers. "ASSEMBLE AND TRACK! TERMINATE ON SIGHT!" They knew what this meant. Their instincts kicked in.

Without hessitation they moved from their maturation building, to the courtyard. There they silently knocked out the guards that were doing first round search. They then moved and procured a vehicle. One of the PCs sacrificed himself so that the others could get away. They with PC67 behind the wheel, they breached the perimeter and were on their way.

The communication device in the car activated. The PCs were told that if they wanted to continue to live that they should drive to a specified address. There they would be greeted by a person that would explain some things. They did. They were told where they came from and for what purpose they were created. They were also told that they were given free-will in the last 6 months of their gestation. They were also given an option. To work for the company that freed them, or go free.

This being their first chance to even speak they each did so. They all volunteered to work. They were put to work that very night.

They were told to infiltrate and organization. Doing so, meant they would use their skills about half of the time. The other part of the time they would develop new skills of an interpersonal nature. This being new to them, the did it. They each managed to get a way into the organization.

PC43, now with the name Edward Kellinger (Ed for short), had found a drug dealer. Ed managed to convince this dealer that he could get a drug that would guarentee adiction and rake in 1000% profit. With the promise of free money the dealer could not resist, but also knew you get what you paid for.

The dealer, Mr. Nice, and his body guard, Gorilla, tracked down Ed. The company had inserted Ed so well that Mr. Nice could not find anything wrong with him. Then Mr. Nice and Gorilla decided on a physical check of their potential new partner. Following Ed to his hotel room, the duo decided to eliminate Ed. This was a mistake.

With the deadly training Ed had been programmed with, he was more than a match for the group. Killing Gorilla and capturing Mr. Nice. Ed now worked on torturing the information that he would need from Mr. Nice. This was easy. With in a few minutes, Ed had Mr. Nice singing a song that would work into an opera very nicely. He learned who was the head of the organization, who Mr. Nice reported to, and what the nearest immediate plans were.

The team re-assembled and started out on phase two of the operation. This was a little more shakey. They were to follow their leads and bring in the organization. Trouble sprang up when communications with base became sporatic. At the last face to face meeting of the team, they each decided to split up and hide. They were to re-group at base.

Base had now been destroyed. Being military bred, they followed training. Hitting the few contacts with the underground that they made, they ran. Now they are split up and are on their own. They are trying to reform their team. From there anything may be possible.