An NPC Feline Escort Bio

by Shadowkat

She was born, and unlike those of today, not created. For that, she does have some pride. Nikita 311275-A, is a hybrid. She was created, as that is the right word, and not born, for the purpose of giving sexual pleasure to others. Yet, she was also created to do the job that she does.

She was born in 2010, just as she, and her "kind" were being perfected. Back in those days, unlike today, splicers like her were born. They actually had to artificially impregnate a woman then wait 9 months for the end result. When the "subject" was perfected, in 2020, she was five years old. She would undergo "improvements", which would make her appear more "normal".

At the age of three, when "normals" were begining pre-school, so was she. Only her pre-school had very little to do with the proverbial three Rs. Instead, her training was more aimed at sex. From that early age, she was exposed to sex. She was taught that sex was good, and that because she was a woman, sex gave her power. She would always use that power to benefit the state.

At the age of 6, when most "normals" were entering Kindergarten, so was she. Only after learning how to read, write, and about arithmetic, she also learned about seduction, sexual positions, and how to please her partner, man or woman.

At age 10, she was putting into practice what she had learned. She was seducing, and encouraged to do so, other boys and girls. In fact, there were rewards for how many boys and girls she had slept with, and what they thought of her talent.

At age 12, she began training in the arts of subtle interrogation. Here, the SS stepped in. The training was harsher, and failure meant tasting the lash. She went to her graduation, a sex orgy held by her SS instructors, and was given very high marks by all.

At age 15, during her freshman year in high school, and for the next four years, she would receive basic training in espionage. Such things as planting bugs of all shapes and sizes, in every conceivable place. Firearms training, with pistols only. Basic hand to hand combat.

At 16, she began training in the various positions, and types of sex. From Bondage and Discipline, as both dominant and submissive, to S and M, to every variation one could imagine. She was not only encouraged to participate, but some of her classes required active participation.

She would graduate with honors, and even was named Home Coming Queen.

At the age of 18, when most "normals" graduated from High School, so was she. Only she had a job waiting for her, upon graduation. She was immediately put to work on one of the high class brothels in Berlin. There, she would sevice high ranking party and military members, including the Fueher's wife, herself, as well as the filthy rich, from all over the world. She slept with Inudstrialists, to models, to anyone who could pay the price.

As property of the state, she had no rights at all. She does what she was told. She likes her life very much. She gets all the sex, with both men and women, she wants, and loves every minute of it.

Because of her feline physiology, Nikita has a sex drive that is far stronger then any "normals". Nikita can have sex 50 times and day, before tiring. She has exceptional stamina, which is why she is a very requested girl at the Brothel she works.