Feline Development

by Shadowkat

1985: The human DNA gene, that secret to life, is completely mapped out. 85 years of hard work is finally completed. Now, work begins on "perfecting" the human animal.

1986: Dozens of genetic companies open all across Europe. They range from perfecting the human animal, and removing weaknesses to diseases, to far darker designs. One of those companies is Feline Inc. Their whole goal is to mix Feline and human DNA. They call it the "perfect, Ultimate Soldier". This is their progress history:

1990: The search to created the "ultimate solider" begins. Labs deep in Germany begin mixing various human and animal DNA together. In August, Feline Inc. contracts with the Reich, to develop the subject. They are supplied with everything they need, including women to "bring the subject to term."

1992: The first successful mixing of human and Feline DNA is completed. While the end result is best described as hideous, geneticists know they are on the right track.

2000: The human-feline mix is completed. While the end result, still, leaves room for improvement, the results can be called "acceptable".

2005: The first "workable" version of the Human-Feline mix is completed. The end result is something straight out of H.G. Wells, Island of Dr. Moreau. The .... thing is half human and half feline in appearance. It walks upright, but also has a tendency to revert to all fours. The feline genes seem to be the most dominant.

2009: The feline gene is no longer dominant. Now, the end result more resembles human then feline. However, the end result is still far from done. However, failure still looms. So far, all attempts to "reproduce" outside the womb have failed miserably. The seed grows for a week, at most, before dying off.

2010: The newest version stands upright, has very few feline characteristics, and looks more human. It can talk nearly like a "normal". It's reflexes are faster then human, and has proven to be stronger. Test show that it heals at a rate approximately 2x faster then humans.

2015: The end result is a massive improvement over the last one. This one actually looks human. There are very few distinguishable feline traits, other then ears. <that is being worked on.> In tests, the newest model has scored even higher then the last one, 3 years ago. It is now 3x faster, and stronger then humans, can hear at 2 levels lower, and seems to have developed a higher sense of smell, as well. And, recuperation levels, are also faster then human. The current model can heal itself at a rate 2.5x faster then humans. Failure continues in the artificial reproduction department. To date, all attempts to reproduce outside the womb have failed. The seed, once implanted, grows for a term of two days, but not more then six weeks before dying.

2020: Perfection at last! The "final" model is everything that could be hoped for. Not only is it stronger, and faster then humans, but it looks exactly human. From the hair on it's head, down to the toenails on it's feet, this last model is exactly human. In tests, it is 3x stronger and faster then "normals", it can heal itself at a rate that is 2x faster. Also, the enhanced senses, which were the hardest thing for it to control, are now controllable. No longer are they overwhelmed with hearing and smelling things around them. Now, they have control. This is the biggest breakthrough. Still, however, the problem arises: The subject cannot be relicated in a test tube. The only successful tests have been with women bringing them to term. Not that, there is a terrible supply. The only problem, however, is that they are light, sound and smell sensitive. Loud noises can cause ear aches, bright lights are more blinding, and foul odors can cause major headaches, and can incapacitate. Those minor things, however, are being worked on, and perfected. Attempts to conceive outside the womb are given up. After 30 years of utter failure, this is the only black mark on the project to date.

2020: In July, Feline Inc. gets a contract to "produce" subjects for the Reich. The company begins to fill orders right away.

2021 - 2025: Cloning Technology is used to try and reproduce outside the womb. However, as before, this ends in failure. The secret of producing the Feline-Human outside the womb is finally ended.

2025: A permanent order is placed by the Reich for the product. They are very impressed with the results. Stock in Feline Inc. skyrockets, and everyone makes a very nice chunk of change.

2030: After some tinkering, Feline Inc. announces that the new product is ready. While the same as their previous superb product, this one has more control over their enhanced sense, and a better recovery system.