Copyright Dustin Evermore, 2001

Simply follow the guidelines presented in the Shards book for a Heroic setting. This means the Rule of X is set to 16 and the AV cap is 11. Humans may exceed these values by one point, giving them the human advantage. Genetically upgrade humans, synthetic humans do not count as human for this advantage! You also get 50 Primary Points for Characteristics and Cyberware, 50 Option Points and may take up to 50 points of Complications. You may convert OPs to PPs at the normal ratio of 5:1 but do not abuse this or the GM will be unlikely to approve the character.

During character creation, please refer to the relevent locations on this site to find accepted racial templates, skills, talents, equipment, cyberware, etc. No plugins other than those appearing on this site are used. Please read the Cybernetics rules for information on how to find your Offensive X using Melee X and Ranged X.


You'll notice that I'm allowing the Mindwalker and Psionics lists. Mindwalkers generally do telepathic type stuff and are often called 'psyches' for short. Psionicists generally do telekinetic type stuff and will be often referred to as 'teeks' for short. These individuals are meant to be extremely rare in this setting, and logically, they are widely sought after by corporations for use against their enemies. They are extremely dangerous individuals in this setting. If you wish to play one, pleasee contact me with your concept first.


During the game, from time to time I will be distributing Experience Points (XPs for short) for you to use to continue to develop your characters. You can use the following chart as a guide in spending those points.

Skills 3 XPs per +1 Level
Talents 6 XPs per new level of Talent
Martial Arts Maneuvers 6 XPs each
Characteristics 10 XPs per +1
Spells (Psychic Abilities) 10 XPs per +1 Ascension
Complications 2 XPs to buy off 1 point of Comps