Absolute Time Sense Head for Numbers
Acute Hearing** High Pain Tolerance
Acute Vision** Instinctive Direction Sense
Ambidexterity Knack***
Animal Empathy*** Light Sleeper
Beautiful Voice *** Linguistically Gifted
Beautiful/Handsome*** Longevity
Blind Fighting *** Lucky*****
Charismatic *** Night Vision
Combat Sense*** Perfect Memory***
Craftsman *** Perfect Pitch
Cramming Physically Gifted***
Deft Avoidance *** Rapid Healing
Devout Resilient***
Double Jointed Scholastically Gifted***
Empathic*** Solid**
Exceptional Jumper** Speed Reader
Fast Draw Stalwart***
Fast Runner** Strong Immune System
Feign Death Strong Willed***
Good Swimmer** Tough****
Hard To Kill ***
Psychic Awareness (Costs 3 PPs, not OPs)
Rapid Reload - Take only 1/2 Round to reload any weapon but revolvers without a speedloader. It takes one round for these.
If the Talent is not listed here, it is not available.


Alternate Identity
Authority (extra starting cash at OPs x 30 marks). Examples: Police Officer (3), Corporate Security (4), Secret Police (5).
Clergy/Spiritual Leader
Family (extra starting cash at OPs x 40 marks)
  • Permit to carry arms [1 OP] - Let's you buy them and carry them, too.  In public.
  • Permit to carry concealed arms [2 OPs] - A little more useful for those alien hunters, spies, assassins, security, etc.
  • Driver's License [1 OP] - They are pretty careful about who they let tear up their roadwork.
  • Weapon Frame Pilot [1 OP] - You are legally certified to drive a Weapon Frame. You might also consider purchasing some status as these guys are fairly well respected, given the power of weapon frames.
  • Passport (Reich or Japanese version) [3 OPs] - If you are a citizen of the Third Reich or Reich-controlled state such as Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, and so forth and you get a passport, you are pretty much free to travel the world.
  • Passport (Non-aligned nationality) [2 OPs] - You can get around to many places, but will be heavily scrutinized by Axis countries or even denied admittance.
Resources (extra starting cash at OPs x 100 marks)


  • Bureaucrat, low court post, corporate wage earner, low-ranking military or security (1)
  • High military or security rank, corper with a contract (2)
  • Corporate Management, high court post (30)
  • Executive, general (4)
  • Chief Executive Officer of a major corporation (6)
  • National Leader (8)
Vehicle (you may purchase specialize vehicles and combat machines like Weapon Frames at a cost of 1 OP per PP in the machine.
Wealth (extra starting cash at OPs x 500 marks)