Copyright Dustin Evermore, 2001

Weapon Frames are essentially modular suits of armor that include mounts for weapons. They are highly configurable and while not as powerful or as well armored as a hovertank, they remain the pinnacle of infantry armament, bridging the gap between the infantryman and armored fighting vehicle. Their mobility can be greatly enhanced by use of the Vehicle Link. Negative modifiers to Stealth and Evade can be reduced or eliminated by the bonus gained by employing the Vehicle Link. Frames can be targeted separately with a Called Shot, but they do receive the benefits of their armor and Hits before all systems are shut down.

To outfit a Weapon Frame, you simply add the packages from the right column to your frame, indicated on the left column. 'Stackable' means you may purchase the package multiple times.

When piloting a Weapon Frame, the character uses the WF's Physical Characteristics in place of their own, and suffers any penalties to DV or Stealth as listed in the WF description. When creating a WF Pilot character, you should take into account the Physical Stats and your Frames outfitted weapons into the Rule of X calculations.

Hits are how much damage the weapon frame itself can take before completely shutting down.

SD is just like normal Stun Defense. It provides no protection against Deadly Attacks. For that, you must purchase Armor.

The Final Cost is how many Primary Points were used to build the suit. When you use the Vehicle Benefit, you pay this value in Option Points, instead. However, since it is a large thing, it can be targeted and systems damaged and destroyed using the same rules as mentioned in the cybernetics rules.

Mini Frame

Size: Man-sized powered armor suit

Spaces Available: 10

STR 8, CON 8, BOD 8, MOV 6

Hits 40, SD 16 (not vs. Deadly Attack), Run 12, Sprint 18

Physical Limitation: Can't do fine work -10

Distinctive Design: Not concealable -15

Final Cost: 15 Pts.

Standard Weapon Frame

Size: 10' Tall, 300 kg

Spaces Available: 15

STR 9, CON 8, BOD 8, MOV 7

Hits 45, SD 18 (not vs. Deadly Attack), Run 14, Sprint 21

10 BOD versus Knockdown

-1 to all Defensive Values

-1 to Stealth

Physical Limitation: Can't do fine work -10

Distinctive Design: Not concealable -15

Final Cost: 27 Pts

Battle Frame

Size: 14' Tall, 750 kg

Spaces Available: 20

STR 11, CON 8, BOD 10, MOV 11

Hits 60, SD 22, Run 22, Sprint 33

16 BOD vs. Knockdown

-3 all DV

-3 Stealth

Physical Limitation: Can't do fine work -10

Distinctive Design: Not concealable -15

Final Cost: 44 Pts

Name Benefit Spaces
360 Radar Array 360 degree sensing
Very Thin Plate 12 Armor 6 Spaces
Thin Plate 14 Armor 7 Spaces
Medium Plate 18 Armor 9 Spaces
Heavy Plate 24 Armor 12 Spaces
Very Heavy Plate 30 Armor 15 Spaces
Magna Plate 50 Armor 25 Spaces
Titanium Shell Adds Hardened benefits 1 Space
Chain Sword Mount 8D6 + 1D6/STR up to 16D6
Flight Pack 10m Flight (15m 'Sprint'), Stackable
Heavy Weapon Mount May mount weapons which do 10D6 or more damage
Infrared Array See in Infrared
Jump Rockets +10m Leap, Stackable
Life Support Systems Safe in Vacuum, Radiation, Do not need to Breathe
Small Weapon Mount May mount weapons which do less than 10D6 damage, Stackable
Smoke Generator Enhanced Darkness, Radius 8m, No Range, 8 Charges
Starlight Package Night Vision
Stealth Package +3 to Stealth vs. Electronic and visual detection
Strength Package +1 Strength. Stackable
Titanium Shield +3 DV