TURN 4: Betrayal

The man stared aghast, at first really wondering if he had a wife, then confused, then pleased (maybe the two women would fight!). His half-glazed eyes stared back at her as his brain worked the puzzle out.

He must have decided he was game to see a couple very attractive girls fight it out for him. "Patsy? Patsy! I told you it was over. Why haven't you signed the divorce papers yet? What, you can't get enough Heinrich in your life?"

He folded his arms and looked defiant at both women. He was on top of the world and he was already thinking of the excitement to be had later...

The woman called Nadya was not so amused. In fact, she looked pretty pissed off. She said something nasty in Russian, which Diana happened to understand just well enough to get the gist. In fact, she learned a new word for a part of the female anatomy in the Russian language. It was something to the effect of, "Move your shaggy ass out of here female-dog before I [really, really dirty word here that Diana simply had no idea about] your breasts." Only she didn't say "ass" (that was the new word), and she used some kind of slang terms for female dog and breasts.

It didn't translate well. But the meaning was clear. Nadya apparently didn't like being interrupted.

But she wasn't averse to using a human being as a battering ram. In two fluid motions, she grabbed Stuttman by the collar and threw him *through* the door, following him outside with a backflip that would have made an Olympic gymnist proud.

Doing so caused a small dark object to fall out and hit the ground. As Diana moved to react, she picked up the female voice that was coming from it. "Jeez, Nadya, watch your mouth! Just calm down, we're moving in now."

Whoever it was, the plea for caution seemed a tad late.

Stuttman came crashing through the front door to land in a pile on the sidewalk, closely followed by a woman backflipping out of the place. They could see Diana close behind and behind her, a couple very angry looking bouncers.

Meanwhile, Chalk still had that bad feeling...

"Where would life be if everything went according to plan?" Chalk replied over the comset.

With deft moves the albino reached into his jacket and withdrew the heavy ordinace there. More practiced actions ejected the clip and had it replaced with another which had been pulled from a specialy lined pocket on the other side of the garment.

A round ratched itself into the weapon's chamber and the piece was replaced, once more concealed by the tailored leather club jacket.

"Team two, report."

This comment was directed at Kellinger, the stuttering man who'd been given charge of the penetration unit. Given the man's recent behavior and reactions to adverse conditions, Chalk wondered at the wisdom of such a directive but placed confidence in the assignment nonetheless.
Diana glared at he Nadya, a glare that would have killed her dead. however, she used the distraction to activate her com-set. She palmed it, and slid it into a pocket, hoping like hell it would still transmit, and Chalk could hear was what going on.

Frederick poised himself waiting for word to advance on the target. While going over possible Hacking strategies in his head, he was oblivious to the message sent to Kellinger.

"T-t-t-team t-t-t-two r-r-r-ready and w-w-w-waiting, over." Ed could only surmise what was happening.

"Bad things are happening. I don't expect trouble at your end, but be prepared to save our sorry asses if I call for backup," replied Chalk.

"Keep your eyes open, though. I'm getting paranoid."

"W-w-w-wilco, t-t-t-team t-t-t-two out." With that, Ed goes back to the waiting game. Continual survailance is kept as well. This seems natural to him.

"Bring it on, you worthless whore," Diana said back to Nadya in Russian. "Is that the best your sorry ass can do? I've heard better from aborted fetuses, you worthless, sorry russian bitch," she added back in her best Russian.

Diana purposely moved to stomp on on the fallen communicator. She took great pleasure in crushing the com device.

Diana moved to take a defensive position against her opponent. She had suspiscions about her, but both hoped they were and were not true. On one hand, she wanted to see her brothers and sisters again, however, not like this. She put those thoughts out of her head, and prepared for hand to hand combat.

"Chalk get off your ass and do something, she's getting help." She said just loud enough so that Chalk could hear. Then, she focused on the enemy in front of her.

"As if..." Chalk trailed off his words.

"Kill her, Diana. I'll take care of the mark."

Chalk stepped out of the van, preparing to walk over to Stuttman who had only a moment before been used as a human battering ram. He wasn't moving anywhere, and for a moment, Chalk thought he might be able to take his time, observing the two women fight.

From three alleys streamed a number of men carrying assault rifles, clad in black, and with little white wires coming out of their ears. Three teams of five in total, all appearing quite efficient. Ah yes. There seemed to be one other, who appeared to be in charge. This one was an attractive -- no, extremely attractive -- female with raven black hair and rose-and-black colored sunglasses dressed in a heavy longcoat. She, too, was carrying a gun, this one a silenced pistol. Her team had stopped, dropping to a knee behind very minimal cover (a couple of ancient newspaper vendors). Another team was running toward Diana, Nadya and Stuttman. The third team appeared to be arraying itself to intersect Chalk's course.

One of the kneeling men yelled, "Achtung!" [Halt!]

There was that momentary pause, as if everyone was drawing a breath at the same. Then, Diana and Chalk saw Nadya look away toward the black-haired woman who nodded at her. Nadya looked down at Stuttman. He was out cold.

Cli-Click! went the pistol the dark-haired woman as she cocked it. Chalk swiveled his head toward the sound, not so much in concern, but rather so he could identify who he'd kill first. Then he did a double-take, as he saw her take aim at the closest man's head. The silenced gun whispered its quiet retort and the man's head exploded. Or rather, the bullet caved in the back of his head and cause one eye to completely explode from its socket. The end result was the same.

"Slave... come." Chalk called into his com unit. "Protect Stuttman."

Absolutely baffled by the turn of events, Chalk resorted to what he knew best. He killed.

<Unit Slave/04143/ emerges from van.>
<Identifies target: Stuttman.>
<Moves to target.>
<IF threat level exceeds armor rating THEN initiate EVASION.>
<IF individual interferes with directive //protect stuttman// then initiate WELDING sequence.>

Then all hell broke loose.

The mysterious woman continued her attack, taking advantage of the surprise effect her attack had upon her men. She easily planted a round in another man's chest before they turned and fired upon her. In spite of her speed, she tumbled as two hits nailed her in the chest, drawing blood through the armored longcoat.

The raven-haired girl flipped to her feet. One well-blaced bullet blasted through the agent's body armor and planted itself in his lung. He collapsed wheezing while his associates opened up on full auto, emptying their clips at the dextrous woman. They managed nothing but an insignificant flesh wound in her arm.

One of the men took off and charged toward Stuttman trying a last minute attempt to capture him. Slave was ready, however, and easily hoisted his unconscious body along as she scaled one of Big Eden's walls on her way to the roof. She cartwheeled acrobatically as she took aim at her last two opponents who vainly tried to close with her. Four bullets and four hits spelled the fights end for those two.

Simultaneously, Diana and Nadya had turned to deal with five agents who'd closed to fire on Diana point-blank. Again, they were surprised as Nadya turned on one of them with a vicious kick to a thigh. There was a crack as the man moaned and sank to one knee. Meanwhile, the others had opened up on Diana, who did her best to avoid taking shots. Fortunately, they all missed.

In a moment, the four standing opened up on full auto, hoping the sheer quantity of lead in the air would stop the two women. They never landed a single hit. Diana mimicked Nadya as chance would have it by injuring a man with a sharp kick to his thigh. Nadya executed a confusing manuever which ended with one man staring down the barrel of his own gun which was now in Nadya's hands. As Diana punched the lights out of another man, Nadya unloaded the gun killing the last two standing men, one of which was trying to brain Diana with the but of his rifle. The unconscious men would never wake up.

Meanwhile, Chalk had foes of his own to worry about. Five more men closed on Chalk firing as they went. Not a single shot seemed to touch him as he turned to face his assailant. Chalk calmly closed with his five openents. One, two, three easy and calm swipes of his sword eventually left three decapitated bodies and two last men fleeing.

Nadya tossed her now empty assault rifle on the ground and lept to the the other girl's side. "Addy, you okay?" She must have noticed the other woman's wounds.

"I'm fine."

Nadya and Addy stood back to back as they faced Chalk and Diana.

Nadya asked, "What now?"