Alchemy Rules

Alchemical Invention

Potions are designed the same way as designing a spell in conjuction with the following rules.

Use the Research Domain Action to design the elixir. You may base it on an existing spell. If you know the spell already, you gain a +3 to your roll. The base DV is 21 + 1/MAGE level of the spell. You may also receive a +1 to your roll per extra month you spend researching it. Use the Invention skill if designing a new potion. The GM may also permit you to use your Alchemy skill instead if you already know the spell version.

Effects of potions may be almost any type of enhancement that would affect the individual, such as Healing, Flight, and enhancement to senses. Some other types are acceptable as well, but require GM approval. Acceptable examples of these would include a potion of Fireballs (explodes on impact) and a potion of Firebreath.

Potion Creation

The ingredients of the potion should be determined by the inventor and approved by the GM before play. Base ingredients (determined when inventing the potion) are 1d6 of Common and 1d6 of Uncommon ingredients. In addition, either a Rare, Very Rare or Exotic ingredients are necesarry. Use the following chart as a guide:

Base Ingredient
Base Ingredient
1 Dose Potion
3 Dose Potion
Extremely powerful potion*
Ingredients needed:
Very Rare
DV to find:

The colored columns indicate components required for any potion.

*As determined by player and GM.

This stuff can be hard to find and takes time. Use the Wilderness Lore skill to find the necessary ingredients. It takes

1 Day
3D6 Components found
1D3 Days
2D6 Components found
1D6 Days
1D6 Components found
Very Rare
3D6 Days
1D3 Components found
6D6 Days
1D2 Components found

Once the potion has been designed and the ingredients collected, the potion must now be brewed. It takes 4 days per MAGE level of the potion to brew. At the end of this time, the Alchemist must make a skill roll using his alchemy skill. The DV for the roll is equal to the DV of the spell to be simulated + 3. You may brew as many batches at once as you have ingredients, so long as you have a large enough laboratory. The final cost of the potion is the number of days it took to brew it x 50 gold pieces.


Obviously, an alchemist needs a place to brew her mystic potions, just as any wizard would need a lab and research library to invent new spells. A wizard alchemist may already have such facilities--the same lab and research set up may be used to devise potions and other alchemical wonders. A good library is not cheap, but once you have one it can be used in all sorts of ways. The cost of building the library and aquiring all the appropriate texts is 10,000 gold pieces. A lab usually in a nearby building (so that an explosion will not destroy all the paper documents in the library). These vary in size depending on the size of the potion batches the alchemist wants to be able to brew at once. The cost for the instruments, work benches and basic supplies is 1,000 gold pieces per batch size. One batch is equal to one single potion (whether that potion has one dose or three doses).

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