Birthright Fuzion

GM: Dustin K. Evermore

Last Update: March 14, 1999

This campaign has now been converted away from AD&D to the Fuzion system after the dramatic conclusion of a campaign I ran based in Muden, Brechtur. After running many Birthright campaigns under AD&D I decided to move to a skill-based system, leaving behind the limitations of the class based rpg granddaddy, AD&D.


I've made the move to Fuzion for a number of reasons. First, it's a mature system based on the years of experience and testing that its parent systems underwent. Second, the core rules have been made publicly available on the Web by the parent companies HeroGames and R. Talsorian. Third, Fuzion's ability to tailor itself to any setting is just too tempting to pass up.

Recent Updates:

The Rules

Players of Birthright Fuzion will need some core rules first. Follow these links to find them:

The rules I have designed for this campaign can be viewed online. Eventually, I hope to have a single HTML downloadable file available. Keep checking the site, more stuff will be continually added!

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I am always interested in any contributions you might have. If you think you'd like to contribute something to the campaign or just Fantasy Fuzion in general, email me and I'll convert it to HTML and post it on the Contributions Page!

And remember! I'm the GM That Can Be Bought. Therefore, if you play in my game, I'll reward any contributions made with Experience Points!

Also: if you have something that you think would be cool to contribute, but it hasn't been converted to Fuzion, I'll be glad to handle the conversion for you.


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